Lina’s Deli

Founded in 2004, Lina’s Deli is THE destination for gourmet food in metropolitan Sydney.
Offering a variety of many 100’s of fine foods, including speciality cheeses, meats, smallgoods, olives and other delicious delicacies from the Mediterranean, the Balkans, Russia and the finest Australian produce, Lina’s Deli has become a favourite destination for a multitude of loyal customers.

Upon hearing the term "specialty food", it is easy to imagines a display of cheese, olives, sausages and smoked salmon. In truth, the world of specialty food consists of thousands of products, ranging from fresh fruit preserves, to marinated vegetables and nuts, to handmade pastas and sauces. In addition to our anchor line of fancy cheeses and meats Lina’s Deli carefully selects unique, premium-quality specialty foods from around the world.

We are extremely proud of our line of fine imported cheeses.

Lina’s Deli stocks the finest cheeses from Italy, Greece, France, Denmark and Switzerland as well as Australia and they include Grana padano, parmiggiano reggiano, provolone, pecorino, assiago, ambrosia, Feta, Kasseri, kefalograviera, gorgonzola, blue Danish, mozzarella, mini chol, cheddar and our famous fresh ricotta.

Cheese Selection

Our fine cheeses are complimented by our extensive and delicious range of meats and smallgoods.

All our meats are sliced to order to ensure their freshness and our smallgoods range includes our award winning hams, silverside, pastrami, imported Italian San Danielle prosciutto, mortadella, porchetta, basturma, quality sausages, cacciatore, Salamis, smoked ribs, and so much more.


Our deli range is extensive and includes filled stuffed green olives, mini filled pepper dews, Mediterranean olive medley, grilled and marinated artichokes and zucchini, gourmet antipasto, sundried dried tomatoes and marinated sundried dried tomatoes – not to mention our mouth-watering range of pasticci including torrone, panettone, wafers and biscotti.


We strive to help food lovers discover the multitude of delicious and unique deli masterpieces in an educational, informative way. By simply browsing our counters, one can enjoy the aroma and have a taste of the delicious offerings.
Our amazing deli offerings make unusual and special gift for holidays and special occasions.

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